Here are some of the bills I was working on:

     LSR 306, relative to the custody of pregnant runaways. This bill addresses the cruel reality that "I'm keeping my baby, so Papa don't preach...." can run face-to-face with parental pressure which all too often prevails, resulting in the baby being brutally killed in an abortion. LSR 306 will stop the government from interfering with people who would harbour the minor, should she leave her parents' home to escape such pressure. CLICK HERE FOR DRAFT. The government would not track her down and force her back to her parents who want her baby killed. For pro-life people, this is a no-brainer. Pro-choice people must remember that the girl's choice is to keep her baby and not to live with abusive parents. You can follow the progress of LSR 306 from drafting request to bill, to passage, on the New Hampshire website, http://www.state.nh.us

     LSR 319, relative to funeral processions. I have been given the opportunity to co-sponsor this measure, which is being introduced in the New Hampshire Senate by Sen. Debora Pignatelli.

     LSR 504, repealing the compulsory school attendance statute. Compelling children to attend school violates their constitutional right to the enjoyment of liberty, N.H. Const. Part 1 Article 2.

     LSR 529, replacing public school with computer-based learning. Under this plan, the State would provide students with computer systems and Internet connections, and allow them to download all the free educational materials from the Internet they want. The computers will be equipped for parental controls. Since the child and family select whatever educational materials they want, there is less chance for government-imposed bias. The State and the school districts would provide websites where they link to educational materials they approve, giving the student a starting point. CLICK HERE.

     LSR 632 To repeal the drinking age restrictions. The government has absolutely no right to make thousands of innocent people second-class citizens, which the government chooses to do, purely out of malice. It's easy for the politicians to pick on people under 21, but it's also unjust and unconstitutional. Besides, the voters can no longer claim to be concerned about drunk driving, having elected a convicted drunk driver to be President of the United States.

     LSR 658 To increase the fines and licence revocation periods for drunk driving. Many politicians will oppose this change, because they are drunk drivers themselves. It's easier to pick on innocent people under 21, who are politically powerless. CLICK HERE. This should put the MADD bigots on the spot: Will they devote their New Hampshire resources to promote this bill, or squander them fighting a bill to restore liberty to innocent people? We shall see.

     LSR 668 To establish a study committee to draft a proposed building safety code to replace the building safety laws found interspersed with the zoning restrictions. The zoning restrictions are blatantly unjust and unconstitutional; they've got to go. However, they are inextricably linked with building safety laws, which in turn refer extensively to planning boards and municipal ordinances. See also a letter I sent to The Telegraph on this issue.

     LSR 709 To repeal all the drug control statutes, to re-legalise all drugs. The government has no right to restrict drugs because the government does not own the buyer, the seller, or the drugs. Buying and selling recreational drugs doesn't violate anybody's rights. It must be emphasized that re-legalisation does not in any way imply government approval of drug abuse, any more than Freedom of the Press implies government approval of every editorial in the newspaper.

     LSR 754 To discontinue involuntary commitment of innocent people in mental institutions. Almost by definition, nobody in their right mind wants to be locked up in a mental institution. These people must be free, if they have committed no crime. The threat of getting locked up in a mental institution may deter some people from seeking professional help.